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Rye Y Story Project: Noreen

NoreenI didn’t know many people when we moved to Rye Brook. My husband was always working. With two children under the age of 3 years, I needed a place for “family.” Tot Drop and Child Watch allowed me to have time to myself and take care of errands for an hour. Meanwhile, my children had fun!

Family swim, dinners and trips are all affordable at the Y. During my early years as a Mom, the Rye Y allowed me to embrace others day to day in a healthy way! I am thankful to the Y – while my children were in class here, I was able to train for the NYC Marathon. Our goal as a family is to keep taking Yoga on Sundays together. I am dedicated to my Yoga practice because of the YMCA and know that good things are to come!

There was a time that I was not working. It was a tough time and the Y made it work for us so we could continue our membership. Our children went to camp with the payment plan and continued to use the facility. Now I am back at work but thankful the Y was there and sensitive to my situation!


Rye Y Story Project: Rabbi Daniel G.

DanielGI currently live in Harrison and joined the Rye Y with my family when we moved from Boston to New York about 10 years ago. I have three children who have participated in the Rye Y Day Camp program as well as a variety of swimming classes. The Rye Y has hosted my kids’ birthday parties, where they have shared many memories with friends, family, and the Y staff.

What is special about the Y is that it is community-based. You see the same faces of the Y throughout different aspects of your life! What is especially unique about the Y is that the people understand the value of hospitality. Even in the way the front desk is constructed. It is so wide, open and inviting. The staff greets you as soon as you walk in, and by name!

The Y instructors impact members as well. Laura Laura for instance – she is great! And if you haven’t been to the Y in some time, the staff recognizes. You’ll walk through the doors and they’ll exclaim, “Where have you been, we haven’t seen you in a while!” They are aware of these things and that is truly special.